15 Asian Recipes with Chicken

Which new dish with chicken would you want to try? You just need to look at the colorful realm of Asian food! This collection features fifteen amazing, surprisingly easy-to-make Asian-inspired chicken dishes.

With each mouthful of these treats, which range from the spicy fire of Kung Pao to the sweet and savory delight of teriyaki, you will be transported to the heart of Asia.

Try these delicious Asian chicken dishes to reject the boring and welcome the audacious!

1. Chicken Garlic Honey

Dream about Savory and Sweet! This Chinese-inspired recipe wraps delicious chicken pieces with a rich, sticky honey garlic sauce. A hectic weekday is ideal for preparing this crowd-pleaser in less than thirty minutes.


2. Chili Kung Pao

Raise a glass to fireworks! Try the explosive tastes of Sichuan food with this traditional meal. Stir-frying chicken, peanuts and veggies in a sauce laced with chili produces a symphony of sweet, savory, and blistering flavors. For anyone who like a little spiciness, this is an exhilarating voyage for the taste buds.


3. Pad Thai with Chicken

Thai Food Recipes Simplified This delicious Pad Thai recipe will let you make your favorite takeaway meal at home. A surprisingly easy, tasty and filling dinner is made by stir-frying thin rice noodles with chicken, scrambled egg and a tart peanut sauce.


4. Deep-fried Yakitori Chicken

Straightforward Twistedness A great appetizer or main dish, these tasty and entertaining chicken skewers are prepared in the Japanese way. The marinated chicken pieces fry up crispy and have a great smokey flavor. They are a tremendous hit and easy to personalize with your favorite marinades for a laid-back get-together.


5. Toss Broccoli with Ground Chicken

In good health and spirits Less than thirty minutes produces a full and wholesome dinner with this traditional Chinese dish. Good and light, stir-frying crisp chicken florets and broccoli in a tasty sauce is ideal for hectic weeknights.


6. Butter chicken curry

Beautiful and silky! Thailand provided the warm and tasty hug of this dish. Simmering in a fragrant coconut curry sauce infused with sweetness, lime, and ginger is tender chicken. This creamy, reassuring flavor burst goes well with warm midweek meals.


7. Korean BBQ Chicken Bowls

Bibimbap Joy You Create! Inspired by Korean BBQ, create delicious, customisable chicken bowls. Among other dishes, a fried egg tops flawlessly grilled marinated chicken over rice, along with kimchi and pickled veggies. Easily customized, it’s a delectable journey in a bowl that’s perfect for a lively and participatory dinner party.


8. Curry with Katsu chicken

Comfort Food Classic Japanese One of the mainstays of Japanese cooking, this dish is crunchy and tasty. Perfectly fried chicken coated in panko sits over a hot, aromatic Japanese curry. Easy to make and providing a great textural contrast, it’s a hearty and filling dinner.


9. Mongolian Chicken

Two times fried and very hot! This easy and tasty supper gives a taste of Mongolian food. Perfect for hectic weeknights, stir-frying thinly sliced chicken with veggies and a savory soy sauce-based sauce produces a light and tasty dinner.


10. Chicken-fried rice

Cookbook for Easy One-Pot Pilaf This Indian-inspired meal, which combines fragrant rice, delicate chicken, and aromatic spices, creates a delicious and whole dinner in one pan. A delicious and visually striking midweek supper choice, it’s made easily and offers a symphony of tastes and textures.


11. Ground Chicken with Cashews Stir-Fry

Goodly sweet and savory! This meal with Chinese influence asks for stirring-frying bright veggies and crispy cashews with soft chicken pieces. An simple and fast midweek supper, everything is brought together with a rich and filling sauce.

12. Vietnamese Food Pho

The Noodle Soup Sensation This traditional pho recipe will let you enjoy the cosy tastes of Vietnamese food. Tender chicken and rice noodles are served with a rich broth flavoured with star anise, ginger and cloves. It’s a great and simple approach to savor Asian cuisine, ideal for a comfortable evening at home.

13. Wraps with lettuce and chicken

Good and customisable Introducing the interesting and healthful world of lettuce wraps with this easy recipe. Your favorite veggies and a delectable sauce are stir-fried with ground chicken and then spooned over lettuce leaves. Different sauces and additions make it an easy-to-personalize supper choice.

14. Sauce Peanut for Chicken Satay

Simply Indonesian Takeout This delicious chicken satay recipe will enable you to enjoy your favourite restaurant dinner at home. Marinated, grilled or skewered chicken is covered with a rich, creamy peanut sauce. Easy to prepare and popular, it’s a great appetiser or light main meal.

15. Fry Sesame Chicken

Good, salty crunch! Chinese-inspired, this recipe stir-fries tender chicken pieces in a sweet and savoury sauce drenched in crispy sesame seed batter. A delicious and easy to make midweek supper choice.

You won’t ever get bored with chicken after trying these fifteen delectable and simple Asian chicken dishes! Welcome the strong tastes of Asia and see every mouthful as a gastronomic journey!


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