15 Halloween Party Ideas

Throw a Halloween party that will have your guests screaming with joy!

With everything from terrifying décor to fang-tastic games, this list of fifteen original and thrilling Halloween party ideas.

Prepare to turn your house into a spooky sanctuary and keep your visitors amused all evening long!

Throw a really exciting Halloween party instead of the dull one!

1. Contest for Homemade Costumes

Release the Originality & Give Away Huge Awards! Invite some friendly rivalry with a costume competition. To promote variation, declare awards such as “Best Group Costume,” “Most Creative Costume,” and “Scariest Costume.” Give out spectacular gifts to the victors for a Halloween night they won’t soon forget.

2. Scavenger Hunt Within Haunted House

Fantastic Fun and a Terrifying Challenge! Create a haunting labyrinth out of your home and bury hints all about. A frightening twist to the traditional scavenger hunt, guests may cooperate or compete in teams to solve puzzles and locate hidden sweets.

3. Pumpkin Carving Competition

An Original Halloween Tradition Let a pumpkin carving competition brighten the evening! Offer pumpkins and carving tools, then let your visitors use their imaginations. Decide who has the best, funniest, or scariest jack-o’-lantern in a celebratory and competitive poll.

4. The Boo-tiful Twist of Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing for a Boo-tiful Twist

Fun Classics with a ハロウィン Splash! One ageless Halloween custom is bobbing for apples. Using floating apples and water in a tub, let your visitors to use their teeth to grab a reward; the first to do so wins! Add fortune cookies or bobbing for donuts for an adult take on a messy and enjoyable game.

5. The Monster Mash Dance Party

Monster Mash Dance Party

Move to a Spooky Music! Without music, no celebration is complete! Make a Halloween playlist with scary oldies, monster hits, and exhilarating movie soundtracks. For a spooky good dancing party, encourage your guests to dress up in their costumes and show off their finest skills.

6. Halloween Movie Marathon with Spooker Snacks

Spooky Movie Marathon with Spookier Snacks

Frights Out, Lights Out, for a Fang-tastic Night A Halloween-themed movie marathon should be enjoyed snuggled up. Select animated Halloween specials, eerie comedy or classic horror movies. Remember the munchies! Make candy corn, popcorn and other Halloween snacks for a terrifyingly good movie evening.

7. Horror Craft Corner

Creepy Craft Corner

Spooktacular Crafts to Boo-st Your Creativity Dedicated craft area will keep your visitors occupied. Organize a table with googly eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners, and construction paper. Give ideas or designs for Halloween-themed crafts include frightening paper chains, bat decorations, and monster masks.

8. Tell a Horror Story by Candlelight

Tell a Scary Story by Candlelight

Get ‘Round for Thrills & Chills! Drop the lights, light a few candles, and get ready to be scared. For a night of spine-tingling shivers, alternately recite old ghost stories, eerie urban legends, or even your own ghost stories.

9. Future Predictions from Psychics

Psychic Predictions for a Peek into the Future

Fun Fortune Telling with a Halloween Spice! Put up a hauntingly beautiful fortune-telling booth. Over a table, drape cloth, light some candles, and use tarot cards or a crystal ball as props. For a little eerie fun, assign a “fortune teller” to provide lighthearted forecasts about the futures of your visitors.

10. Dinner Party Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Break the Case for a Halloween-Like Night of Mystery! A murder mystery dinner party will let your inner investigator go. Assign roles with secret agendas to your guests, give them a screenplay with red herrings and clues, and then have a great meal while you figure out whodunit!

11. Monster Pinata Party

Monster Pinata Bash

Win Spooky Treats by Whacking! Stow candies, little toys, and other goodies inside a piñata fashioned like a pumpkin or monster. For a joyful and age-appropriate game, blindfold visitors one at a time and allow them to alternately hit the pinata until the goodies fall out.

12. Spooky Props for the Photo Booth

Photo Booth with Spooky Props
Photo Booth with Spooky Props

Record the Stunning Memories! Assemble a photo booth with a Halloween background and creepy accessories like spiderwebs, witch hats, and monster masks. Urge your visitors to strike a posture so you may record the most amazing Halloween memories.

13. Ping Pong Ball Bobbing

Bobbing for Eyeballs (Ping Pong Balls)

An Oozy Rewrite of a Classic! Put ping pong balls and water into a bowl. With their wrists cuffed behind their backs, ask your visitors to bob for the “eyeballs.” Most eyes recovered wins! This hilariously changes the traditional game of bobbing for apples.

14. Spooky Prize Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo with Spooky Prizes

A Playful Bingo Twist to Boo-st Your Competitive Spirit! With words or images from Halloween, such as “witch,” “bat,” or “black cat,” make your own bingo cards. For a lively, competitive game that works well with big groups, scatter candy corn or tokens with Halloween themes as markers and yell out bingo squares.

15. Pumpkin Seed Carving Relay Race

Carving Pumpkin Seed Relay Race

A Haunted & Active Challenge! Assign teams of your guests, and give a pumpkin to everyone. With a timer set, have each team race to remove every pumpkin seed. Team that finishes first wins! Getting your visitors moving and establishing rapport is made easy with this lively game.

You’ll host the party of the year with these 15 fun and original Halloween party ideas! This list has everything you need to throw a monster mash of a Halloween party, from fun activities to eerie décor. Thus, be ready to let your inner party planner go and enjoy Halloween with elegance!


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