Nail Art Inspiration: 15 Hello Kitty Nail Designs That Are Too Cute to Miss

For decades people of all ages have admired the legendary figure Hello Kitty. Her adorable and upbeat style makes her a frequent option for nail art. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a basic and lovely design if you want to include Hello Kitty to your nails.

You Will Need:

  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Pink nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Small nail art brush
  • Top coat


  1. Cover with base coat. Start with giving every one of your nails a base coat. This will help to guard your nails and stop the polish from chipping.
  2. White nail painting is great. Paint every one of your nails white once the base coat has set. Your Hello Kitty design will base on this hue.
  3. design Hello Kitty’s head. Paint an oval form on one of your nails with black nail polish and a tiny nail art brush. Hello Kitty’s head is this.
  4. Put in Hello Kitty’s ears. Apart from the oval form, paint two little triangles with points facing each other. These belong to Hello Kitty.
  5. Including Hello Kitty’s face. Make Hello Kitty’s eyes two tiny black dots with a dotting tool. Paint a little black line for her mouth then using a small nail art brush.
  6. Insert Hello Kitty’s nose. Make Hello Kitty’s nose a little yellow dot with a dotting tool.
  7. Add thebow of Hello Kitty. Above Hello Kitty’s head, paint a bow form using a small nail art brush and red nail color.
  8. add whiskers. Paint three little lines on each side of Hello Kitty’s face with a little nail art brush and black nail polish. Her Whiskers will be these.
  9. Provide specifics. If you so like, you might give your Hello Kitty design extra specifics. You might color her eyelids or add a tiny white heart on her forehead.
  10. Get top coat applied. Apply a top coat to seal your design in and increase its lifetime after it is dry.


  • Should you not have a small nail art brush, a toothpick will work just fine.
  • To give your Hello Kitty design some glitter or rhinestones will help to make it even more cute.
  • Though you may design this on any nail shape, longer nails look best.
  • Your Hello Kitty nail design should be imaginative and enjoyable. What you can produce has no restrictions.

With some work, you’ll be able to quickly produce this lovely Hello Kitty nail art yourself at home. So have fun and get creative displaying your passion of Hello Kitty!

15 Hello Kitty Nails Idea

Noting all the Hello Kitty aficionaries! Look nowhere else if you want fashionable and gorgeous nail art. These 15 Hello Kitty nail art ideas will help you to create from your hands an amazing painting of cuteness:

1. Classic Hello Kitty Silhouette

Using a Hello Kitty silhouette nail art design, celebrate the traditional simplicity. For a sleek, instantly identifiable design, paint Hello Kitty’s head a little black outline on a pastel pink backdrop.

2. Hello Kitty French Manicure

Play about with the traditional French manicure. For a little sweet on your French tips, use a white tip with a small black Hello Kitty head or bow motif.

3. Pink and Playful Hello Kitty Nail

The defining hue of Channel Hello Kitty is vivid pink based coat. For a unique and cute look, add such embellishments as little white bows, hearts, or even Hello Kitty’s whiskers.

4. Holographic Hello Kitty Dreams Nail

Use a holographic pink polish base to accentuate brilliantly, like Hello Kitty’s appeal does. Your Hello Kitty-inspired nails look to be very wonderful from this fantastic style.

5. Glitter Galore Hello Kitty Nail

Coat shimmering pink or white lacquer will help you to welcome the shine and brightness. This brightens the imaginative Hello Kitty concept right away.

6. Friend Frenzy Hello Kitty Nail

Share your whole excitement about the Hello Kitty gang. Paint every nail a different pastel color and highlight a little hand-painted picture of Hello Kitty, Mimmy, Badtz-Maru, or any cherished character for a really stunning effect.

7. 3D Hello Kitty Charm Nail

Your Hello Kitty manicure will be unique using 3D nail art. Using small nail art charms or sculpting techniques that leap off the nail for an original and stunning design, create a miniature Hello Kitty head or bow.

8. Hello Kitty Ombre Nail

Inspired by Hello Kitty, use this ombre manicure to get a delicate, dreamlike gradient effect. At the apex, add a small black Hello Kitty form for a delicate and beautiful impact from a light pink base to a white tip.

9. Cartoon Kawaii Hello Kitty Nail

Create Hello Kitty cartoon universe with cheerful nail art design. For a fun and nostalgic touch, paint little sceneries including Hello Kitty and her friends or copyable Hello Kitty accessories like her unique red bow.

10. French with a Hello Kitty Bow Nail

Give your classic French manicure some Hello Kitty inspiration. Add a little black bow accent to one corner to gently but powerfully allude to your chosen character instead of a standard white tip.

11. Hello Kitty Food Fun Nail

Channel Hello Kitty’s love of excellent cuisine inspired nail art designs. For a unique and funny appearance, paint small cupcakes, biscuits, or even Hello Kitty-shaped candies on a pastel basis.

12. Mismatched Hello Kitty Magic Nail

Choose mismatched Hello Kitty nail painting to adopt a happy and whimsical attitude instead of the matchy-matchy routine. Paint every nail in an original Hello Kitty-inspired design using a pastel color pallet—bowels, whiskers, faces, even minute paw prints.

13. Hello Kitty Nail Meets French Tip

Combining some Hello Kitty flare with the traditional French manicure will work. For a great and classy twist, paint your nails in the usual French manner with white tips then add a little black Hello Kitty head or bow design at the cuticle.

14. Hello Kitty Watercolors Nail

Hello Kitty watercolor nail art will let you appreciate a magical and gentle look. First build a soft background with pastel paints then add delicate things like a single black ribbon or a small Hello Kitty face to get a stunning and imaginative impact.

15. Hello Kitty with a Touch of Sparkle Nail

Glitter would be fantastic accent to help you even more enhance your Hello Kitty nail art. Combining glossy and matte varnishes gives greater dimension. Paint Hello Kitty’s head matte black and accent her bow with a little glitter polish for an odd and striking look.

These fifteen Hello Kitty nail art ideas offer you a range of choices independent of your taste in traditional simplicity, unusual flourishes, or a little creative flare. So use your choice polishes to release your inner kawaii queen and produce rather lovely Hello Kitty nails!


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