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Does your dog sometimes seem to be barking at the wall? Are there certain parts of your home or neighborhood that seem to make them nervous? If so, you may have wondered if your dog can see ghosts. Many dog ​​owners believe that there is a connection between dogs and spirits, or that dogs can see or sense things that humans cannot. Let’s take a look at why people think dogs can see ghosts and what might be at the root of these mysterious dog behaviors.

If you suspect your dog has a connection to the paranormal, you’re not the first. In fact, cultures throughout history associate dogs and spirits. According to the Encyclopedia of Ancient History, both the Tarascan and Aztec tribes of Mexico believed that dogs could see spirits and protect them from them. Both groups buried their dead with dogs that were believed to serve the soul in the afterlife, guiding it through the underworld and protecting it from evil spirits.

The Tarascans believed that the “spirit dog” would find unburied corpses and guide the person’s spirit to the afterlife so they would no longer wander the world of the living. The Mayans also believed in a spirit dog that helped their soul in the underworld to move to heaven, and in ancient Greece, it was thought that when their soul was transported to the underworld, it was accompanied by a three-headed dog.

They face the name “Serbros”. Unfortunately, this question is one of the unanswered questions that humans have about dogs. To this day, there is no evidence of a connection between dogs and spirits – not to mention whether you believe in evidence of paranormal activity or not. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), however, many of the seemingly inexplicable behaviors of Ram dogs can be attributed to their strong sensory abilities.

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In addition to the fact that, compared to humans, they trust what they feel more and act on those feelings. In contrast, we humans analyze everything we encounter. We suspect more. The AKC also notes that dogs are incredibly attuned to events that we may not notice. Such as changes in air pressure, high-frequency noises and distant, precise and strong smells. and even objects or movements beyond our own vision.

All of these senses enable dogs to perceive activities that we simply cannot. Whether these activities involve the paranormal or not remains to be investigated. The AKC suggests that if you find your dog staring at a wall frequently, check the wall first. It is possible that the dirt or stain on the wall has caught your dog’s attention. If not, it may be time to call your vet.

Wall staring can sometimes be a sign of a more serious problem, such as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome or a partial seizure. If you notice that your pet is regularly exhibiting strange behaviors that may indicate pain and discomfort, definitely call your vet. Can dogs see ghosts? Currently, we have no scientific evidence to prove this. But it is a fact that dogs are incredibly sensitive and intelligent.

Even more than we often realize. Consider taking notes on your dog’s behavior and pay attention to their behavior patterns when they seem to notice a sound or vibration but you don’t. Maybe if you try to experience the environment and the events around it from your dog’s point of view, you will learn a little more about your surroundings. All material and intellectual rights are reserved for this site and any copying involves legal prosecution.

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Can dogs eat apples? Yes. Dogs can eat apples, but there are a few things you should know before giving apples to your dog. Apples contain nutrients that are good for your dog’s health, but they also have risks. You should be careful about the core and seeds of the apple. Because it can cause discomfort in your dog’s intestines and stomach. Here is what you need to know about giving apples to dogs.

Apple is a low-calorie fruit that contains valuable nutrients that are good for dog health. Apples are low in protein and high in fiber, so they are good for digestive health and a good option for dogs on diets, especially older dogs or dogs with certain medical conditions. Apple pieces provide your dog with a wonderful and delicious treat. Apple is a good source of vitamins A, C and K, as well as calcium and phosphorus.

The antioxidants in this fruit prevent cancer and reduce the symptoms of joint disease. You should pay attention to the seeds and cores when giving apples to dogs. Apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide, which is poisonous. Only a few seeds are enough to give your dog some form of cyanide poisoning. If your dog swallows a few apples, he probably won’t be harmed.

However, be sure to remove the apple cores first. Apple cores are hard and difficult for dogs to chew. The risk of suffocation and if swallowed, the risk of intestinal and stomach obstruction is possible. Of course, some believe that the stem of the apple may also be dangerous, so it is better to remove it as well. Before giving apples to your dog, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

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Some dogs have diseases that may be aggravated by consuming apples. With your veterinarian’s approval, wash apples, remove stems, cores, and seeds, and cut apples into chewable pieces before feeding them to your dog. There are many ways to give apples to your dog. You can freeze apples and give them to your dog as a refreshing summer treat. You can mix it with dog food to make it sweet.

You can mash it to make a homemade applesauce or you can combine it with other healthy fruits to make a delicious smoothie. Yes, small and big dogs like Great Danes and Pomeranians can enjoy eating apples. Apples can be a useful and natural incentive for domestic dogs. Yes, puppies can enjoy eating this sweet fruit just like adult dogs. – You should never give apple cores and sticks to dogs.

Apple core contains cyanide, which causes fatal poisoning in dogs. – Apples contain natural sugar, so you must observe the balance and diabetic dogs should not eat apples. Read the latest content and authentic news related to the world of pets, dogs and cats on Baranpet blog. In addition to sugar, there are two important sweets that are strictly prohibited for dogs. If you’re not already aware of the dangers of xylitol and chocolate, learn the signs and check your ingredients label.

Basically, like humans, dogs use sugar and other carbohydrates as a source of energy, but don’t give your dog unnecessary granulated sugar and Try to avoid sweets. (Source: The sugar found in fruits and vegetables called fructose is safe for your dog when the fruits and vegetables are eaten as food or part of a complete, nutritionally balanced diet. (Please note that not all fruit is safe.

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