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Dogs love dry food, because it’s crunchy and dry, and chewing it gives them a good feeling. We all know dry dog food in the form of commercial packaging and different brands; But did you know that you can make dry dog food at home? In this article, we want to talk about the necessary ingredients for dog food and how to prepare dry dog food. So roll up your sleeves and stay with us in Pet Press.

Well, you may be wondering why I should go to the trouble of making dry dog food when you can easily buy commercial dry dog food. But you should know that preparing dry dog food has many advantages, which we will mention below. In recent years, the discussion of the harms of preservatives, flavorings and food colorings in commercial dry dog food has been raised, and for this reason, the preparation of homemade and healthy dry food has gained many fans.

In the preparation of dry food for dogs, because we use fresh and high-quality raw materials, the food will certainly have better quality and taste, and it will be tastier and more delicious for our dog. To prepare dry food, you must first be sure of the ingredients of dry dog food and the right amount of food. And you must do this in consultation with a veterinarian and based on your dog’s condition (breed, age, activity level and health status).

The composition of each food can be different, but for example, we will explain how to prepare dry dog food in a simple way. Grind the animal protein (any kind of meat you want). Then add other ingredients such as vegetables and even different fruits and mix well. Many dog owners prefer to use food processor and blender for more convenience. In this way, pour all the ingredients into the food processor and mix well until you get a smooth dough.

If the mixture is a bit loose and watery, add one or two spoons of whole wheat flour until it becomes a paste. Now spread the obtained dough with the help of a rolling pin so that it reaches a thickness of about 1-2 cm at the end. Place the dough in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes until it is completely roasted and crispy. If you cook the ingredients in advance, then just put it in the oven for a little bit to get roasted and crispy.

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After it cools down a bit, cut them into smaller pieces, suitable for dogs to eat. You can be a little creative and use a mold to cut the dough into fancy shapes like bones, hearts, stars, etc. or shape them into small balls by hand and then put them in the oven. In the following, we will teach you an example of how to prepare dry dog food so that you can get to know more about the process.

However, we say again that the type of ingredients and the amount of each should be appropriate to the breed, age and condition of the dog and it is not possible to use one recipe for all dogs. Fry the meat a little in the pan until cooked. Boil or steam the vegetables. Then mix the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. If your dough is too hard, add a little water and if it is too loose, add a little flour.

Now spread the dough evenly in the oven tray until it is about 1-2 cm thick. Then put it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Then take out the tray, cut it into desired pieces with a cutter or knife and put it back in the oven for about 1 hour until it is well roasted and crispy. The advantage of dry food compared to fresh blood food is that you can put it in your dog’s food bowl and it will be in the open air for hours without spoiling and smelling.

However, you should store the food in the refrigerator or freezer for later use. Commercial dry food contains preservatives and industrial additives, and for this reason, it can stay outside the refrigerator for months or even years. We suggest you make 2-3 types of dry food (each for 7-10 days) with different ingredients and give it a turn so that your dog eats a new food every day.

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After preparing dry dog food, put it in a suitable container and store it in the refrigerator for 3-5 days and in the freezer for up to 3 months. Although it is recommended to prepare dry dog food for a maximum of one month; Because food that stays in the freezer for a long time loses its nutrients, essential vitamins and probiotics. Now that you have decided to cook for your dog and prepare dry food for him, you must concentrate.

According to the Kennel Club (AKC) website, the method of preparing dog food must be basic and correct, and its ingredients and method of preparation must be approved by a veterinarian; Otherwise, the homemade dry food that you feed your dog cannot fully meet its nutritional needs and will cause health problems for your dog in the long run. In the following, we will introduce some important points that you must follow in the preparation of dry food for dogs.

Every animal has different nutritional needs and the food it eats must meet these needs well. Therefore, the recipe for homemade food should be in accordance with the age, breed, activity level and health status of your dog. Dogs need 40 nutrients and these substances should be present in the diet in the right amount and according to the needs of the dog. Less or even more nutrients are dangerous for a dog’s health.

Food that is not balanced can cause a lot of damage to your dog’s health and in the long run cause malnutrition, obesity and overweight or various dangerous diseases. Therefore, if you are planning to prepare homemade food for your dog, it is necessary to have a special diet in consultation with the veterinarian, completely in accordance with the needs and conditions of your dog, and cook according to it safely.

Dogs can eat a variety of food, fruits and vegetables; But on the other hand, there are some foods that are toxic and harmful for dogs. Chocolate, raisins, sweets containing xylitol and coffee and caffeinated drinks are among the toxic substances for dogs. In the article on prohibited foods for dogs, you can learn about 20 poisonous and dangerous foods for dogs that are present in almost every home.

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So, when preparing dry dog food, be careful not to use these harmful ingredients. If you are one of the people who are tired of the high prices and scarcity of foreign dry dog food and the low quality and bad taste of Iranian dry food for dogs, read this part of the article carefully. and several other factors, determine the ingredients of dog food and their amount. As you know, the age and breed of dogs is one of the influencing factors in their diet.

That’s why it’s better to know a series of important and basic points when making homemade food for your dog. I suggest that you read the dog food article in order to consider the best food for your dog based on its age and breed. The recipe written by the veterinarian is calculated and formulated according to the specific nutritional needs of your dog, so it is very balanced and can be even more useful than dry food because it consists of fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Do you feed your dog homemade food or do you only use commercial food? Have you ever cooked for your dog? What ingredients and ingredients did you use and how did you prepare the food? Please leave us a comment and share your thoughts, experiences and questions with us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Hi Niayesh John, maybe we can help you by giving you a suitable diet plan.

This time, it is better to trust the homemade food that is prepared by the veterinarians. You can get the appropriate plan from us in the dog food section. Hello Mahsa, No, there is no need to add salt, spices and flavoring It is better to get used to the normal taste of food. great The dry dog food that we make ourselves has the same shape as the outside and is suitable for all dog breeds.

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