15 Trending Summer Nails Design


Bold colours and fun nail art patterns are ideal for the summer.

There’s a fashionable summer manicure design out there for you, whether you’d rather go with something more quirky and striking or traditional and stylish.

These fifteen motivating suggestions will help you to unleash your creativity:

1. Neon Brights

Why not channel that enthusiasm with neon nails? Summer is all about brightness and excitement. Mix and match electrifying pinks, greens, and yellows for a style that will definitely draw attention.

2. The Jelly Nails

Showing off a summer tan is ideal for these transparent, slightly colored beauties. They are available in a range of colors and, for extra flare, may be accessorised with glitter or encased nail art.

3. Chic Checkerboard

Surprisingly flexible is this lighthearted design. For an easy summer twist, go for pastel or bright hues, or for a timeless style, go with black and white.

4. Dreamscape in watercolor

A dreamy watercolor look on your nails will help you to unleash your inner artist. For those who like a little whimsicality, the soft color washes provide a distinctive and ethereal appearance.

5. Palm Paradise

The tropics will be at your fingers with nail art of palm trees. This simple yet striking design is ideal for a tropical-themed staycation or summer holiday.

6. Fruity Pleasure

Fresh fruits rule the summer, so why not incorporate that into a whimsical nail art design? For a whimsical and revitalising effect, paint your nails with little watermelons, pineapples, pen_spark, or oranges.

7. Minimalist Metallics

Any summer manicure gains opulence from metallic embellishments. For a sleek, contemporary style, try out thin metallic stripes, geometric patterns, or simply a basic metallic french tip.

8. Sorbet Rainbow

Treat your sweet craving to a rainbow sorbet nail design. Using pastel tones of pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue, create a delicate and vibrant gradient effect.

9. Space Magic Negative

The design of the negative space produces a distinctive and striking appearance. Paint floral or geometric designs, being sure to leave some blank area to highlight your natural nail color.

10. French Twist

Summertime updates to the traditional French manicure include color bursts. For a funky touch, try a pastel pink or bright orange tip; for even more dazzle, add a glittering accent nail.

11. Adventure Underwater

With a manicure design inspired by the deep blue, dive right in. To get a wave appearance, use ocean blues, greens, and teals; for a whimsical touch, use little marine life like starfish and shells.

12. Missing Mani

A mismatched manicure will help you to embrace your uniqueness. For a really distinctive appearance, use various colors, patterns, or even nail art designs for every finger.

13. Sunset Glory

A gradient manicure design will help you to capture the splendor of a summer sunset. Use warm tones like orange, pink, and purple to merge in a way that reflects the brilliant colors of evening.

14. Summer Night Glitter Tips

Glistening tips will provide a little glitz to your warm evenings. For a brilliant effect, go all out with a full glitter polish or choose a clear base coat with glittery tips.

15. Holographic Colors

Holo nail paint can make a big impression. Summer evenings out will be ideal for these captivating polishes, which change color with movement to provide a very striking impression.

Remember to treat your toes to a complementary pedicure for a whole summer appearance! Either keep it simple with a solid color that goes well with your manicure, or extend your selected nail art pattern onto your toes.

Recall that the main ideas of summer are enjoyment and self-expression. Get creative, try out various hues and patterns, and discover a summertime nail painting style that radiates confidence!


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